Creditsafe can integrate commercial credit data across your entire business.

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Incorporate Creditsafe Data into Your Business DNA

Creditsafe’s API provides the ability to integrate information on over 240 million companies globally within our business applications. By integrating Creditsafe data, you not only streamline your processes and reduce processing costs, but gain the advantage of a complete overview of a universe of data.

We’ve developed an intuitive set-up process for each of our off-the-shelf integrations, seamlessly allowing you to join important contacts with business and credit information within your finance and CRM solutions.

Delivering a wealth of information directly into your chosen platform—with up to 200 data sets to choose from—we provide fast and reliable service through a dedicated support team offering any help and advice you’ll need.

Data security resides at the center of what we do—reliably delivering our customers information both securely and efficiently.

Incorporate Creditsafe Data into Your Business DNA

  • Finance

    By integrating business and credit information directly into your finance applications, you will streamline credit decisions. Creditsafe’s API integrates with nearly all available financial and accounting software.

  • Sales and CRM

    With its ability to integrate with most sales and CRM software platforms, the Creditsafe API allows your sales teams to view key contact and business information to make the most of sales opportunities.

  • Developer API

    Integrate Creditsafe’s credit and business data with your own. Using a simple web interface, combine accurate and up-to-date data on over 240 million companies across the globe into your business applications.

Integrate the information you need—details on nearly 200 pieces of business credit data—with the applications you want with the Creditsafe International API.

International Coverage

Holding information on over 240 million businesses spanning more than 100 countries, Creditsafe’s live international database is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. The map below illustrates countries where Creditsafe instantly delvers business information directly through your application.

Available instantly online
Available through a fresh investigation

We can provide you with a commercial credit report from any country. If the report isn’t in our live database, we will do a fresh investigation and will supply you with a report in 2-10 business days.

Why Integrate?

By integrating Creditsafe data with your business applications, you gain instant and tangible business insights on more than 240 million companies globally. Additional you’ll gain a total overview of data and be able to create cost effective processes, and develop efficient processes allowing your company to:

  • Automate credit decisions

  • Append credit scores and limits

  • Enhance customer & prospect data

  • Instantly verify businesses’ contact details

  • Verify decision maker contacts

  • Run Batch Trace & ID verification checks